Monday, November 19, 2007

Do we know what we are doing?

Some of you may think this is yet another write-up about how screwed up the life of a software programmer is. Well, let me tell you it is not. I am only a fledgling in the industry, my life is not so screwed up as yet. I'm sure a couple of years down the line, I will have a very different opinion. :)

I never worked hard but was fairly good in studies. In school, when i didn't have to cover a lot of topics, i faired well, even when i crammed. But in college, with having to study books that could kill you if they fell on your head, i was just an average student. But i always believed in myself and performed well when i wanted to.

The only quality that i have is perseverance. Yup, i never give up. I sure am lazy. But, if i really want something, i will get it, no matter how hard i have to try. When someone tells me i can't do something, i see it as an insult to my persona. I do anything i can to prove them wrong and to prove to myself that i can do it. May be i am arrogant but hey, i love myself the way i am.

I want to do a whole lot of things. I want to work as a lorry driver for a while. I want to teach. I want to travel. I want to race. And maybe, i want to do a few good things to the society too. Like helping a few poor people build up their lives. But my master project lies rusty in the backyard of my mind.

Why do we do what we do? Who said you have to work and earn a salary each month? Who said you have to pay for food? Why are people living within the walls of their houses? I have always believed that what everyone wants in life is one and the same. Everyone wants to be happy. When they don't get what they want, they go the wrong ways. But if life is a movie, noone wants to be a villain in it.

My concept is simple. I hope some day i will have a hell lot of money, to buy a lot of land where i would set up my Utopia. Inhabitants will be handpicked but anyone will stand a chance. There, you will not have to buy food. You will not have religions. You will not have fights. No robbers. No murders. No bribes. No crap at all. Well, it is my dreamland. As long as it is a dream, i can say whatever i want about it. I like to dream. Dreams set my mind free. I think everyone should dream.

Rules in My Utopia
-People who live there do whatever work they want to do, but everyone works. Once in a while, everyone can be lazy (hehe, thats my loophole)
-Noone will be paid for the work they do. But everyone has access to all facilities. In short, everyone works for a common cause -To keep the place going.
-There will be all basic amenities - food, clothes, shelter, amusement.
-No vehicles (i want to keep the place green), mobile phones, television.
-Noone goes to bed hungry because food is free there.
-I am still debating on whether there should be electricity because i want the place to be as natural as possible. Same applies to wine and liquor. But definitely no cigarettes or drugs.

In my Utopia, everyone is happy. Partly because their desires will be limited and more importantly, because people will have time to look and amaze at life as each day passes by.

It is a place where every dweller will be happy. Everyone will be contended with what they have. And more importantly, people care for each other. I do not think a lot of people will permanently reside there. Because, we, as god created us, have a lot of desires. And when we have unsatisfied desires, we are not happy. But, i intend to build it as a place where people can come and stay temporarily, like once in a month or so. Away from the rest of the world, which races crazily faster each new day, which is ignorant that yet another day has passed between home, office and commuting.

I do not know if i will be able to do this. But that is the advantage of dreams. You can visualize anything.

As John Lennon said - You may say i am a dreamer but i am not the only one. I hope some day you will join us too and the world will be as one.


PS Girish said...

machu....good one!...

Kalip Boy said...

I remember you telling something like this to me some time back... Didn't know that the dream is still alive :P .. Nice write-up anyways !

HazyWayz said...

Illusions all over while fiction decides to drool. Dreams are usually big, invariably larger than life. Being pragmatic will be my call. Shall appreciate if there is a debate on the pros and cons of your DreamLand (All rights reserved!).